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Our Forks 4 U Sales Dept has a range of forklifts, pallet trucks and walker-stackers which will be sure to meet all your company needs and requirements. Forks 4 U offer lifting equipment with extended warranties applying to all lifting units from light-handling to heavy lifting. We also stock a range of refurbished equipment at competitive prices.

Quality, style and exceptional value

  Yale GDP/GLP40-55VX


  Yale GDP/GLP20-35VX


  Yale GDP80-160DC


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The decision to buy a logistics lifting unit for your business is a major financial step in the annual budget of any company, and the Sales staff at Forks 4 U are committed to assisting you in making the right choice of equipment to suit your individual needs. To arrange a free onsite inspection, or to discuss any area of buying a new lifting unit, please call our Sales Team today.

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For Sale

we also sell a variety of high quality refurbished equipment

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